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Bab El Kheir Association - Beni Mellal (Morocco)


Created in 1998 by a group of female volunteers, the Bab El Kheir association works towards the following objectives:


  • To enable abandoned babies to have a healthy life.

  • To raise awareness amongst single mothers and to provide them with guidance.

  • To increase understanding and solidarity in civil society.

  • To encourage adoption by families.

Our actions:


  • 2013 : Installation of wall-mounted air-conditioning units throughout the centre Installation of camera surveillance in the baby unit 3 washing machines and 1 clothes dryer 1 Gerflex flooring for the games room Provision of toys for the quiet room

  • 2014 : Financial contribution towards the purchase of consumables

  • 2015 : Purchase of bottle sterilisers, garden shelter construction, washer-dryer, music system, etc.

  • 2016 : Support for a quarter of consumable products

  • 2017 : Support for a quarter of consumable products

Special thanks:

  • YVONNE OLYMPI Foundation for its support

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